✤Update Announcement ✤


    To provide the better game experience, our server will be down again for new patching incoming on 

⋄25th May 2016 start from 06:00 AM - 06.30 AM (UTC+8)⋄

All servers will be affected, and we will announce at here if we can finish earlier or if there is any delay in finishing the updates, we sending our deep regret here first.
Kindly log out from the game 5 minutes before the start of the updates to avoid any unpredictable problems, sorry for the inconvenience caused.

A. Decoration system

1. Vast collection of attractive chat bubble and portrait frame.

2. Collect required amount of shards to activate or upgrade the relevant decoration item. You will receive large amount of attributes after each activation.

3. If you manage to activate multiple bubbles at once, you still able to receive all the attributes.

4. Switching between chat bubbles or portrait frames are allowed.

5. All the materials can be obtained through first recharge, VIP shop or special event.

B. New feature: Supreme Pray

 (Open for all Lv60 and above). Chances to obtain red gear shard.

1. Ingot Pray: 7 star white tiger adjusted to  Frosting Dragon Shard

C. Wilderness

1. New battlefield and Lv.90 Wilderness’s boss

2. Protection in Wilderness. If you being killed under piece mode, you will be revived with protection shield. Switching to PK mode will cancel the protection shield immediately.

3. New Fraction Mode. (Piece mode>Fraction mode>Guild mode). Under Fraction mode, you are not allowed to attack player from own fraction.

4. Eliminate single player in Wilderness Boss.