✤Update Announcement ✤

Update Announcement.jpg

To provide the better game experience, our server will be down again for new patching incoming on ⋄ 15th June 2017 start from 06:00 AM - 06.30 AM (UTC+8)⋄

All servers will be affected, and we will announce at here if we can finish earlier or if there is any delay in finishing the updates, we sending our deep regret here first.

Kindly log out from the game 5 minutes before the start of the updates to avoid any unpredictable problems, sorry for the inconvenience caused.

We've made the following changes:

Child System 

1. When character reached Lv60, Couples could give birth to a child, and single player could have a child by gather heaven and earth aura. 
2. Child need to have your caring and cultivation to grow up faster 
3. Cultivated child would increase players' CP value. 
4. Different child have variety of unique skills, and common skills. 
5. Child would be an important partner in your adventure, be sure to take care of it! 

So get ready to join us in the adventure again!