《IDX》 ✤ Merge Server Announcement ✤


In order to let become more competitive and more honourable, we will be undergo some merging progress on 24th July, 9:00 – 11:00 UTC+8. The expected time will be changed according to maintenance situation.
 Thank you for incessant support and love, we are terrible sorry for the inconvenience caused.

★Server merging details:
 1. The servers which will be merged:
 A.) S23 ~ S46 + S47 ~ S59 = S23 ~ S59
 B.) S60 ~ S61 + S62 + S63 = S60 ~ S63

★After server merging, new created character will be automatically classified to corresponding fraction. Before server merging, there is no fraction and the new character fraction was set as none.
 After server merging, players are only allowed to join in corresponding fraction.

☆Name Reset Issue☆
 After server merging, If player name in S1 is same with other player name in S2, system will automatically set name as default, for instance: Server Name+ the first six character of your original name.
 Please be aware that:
 System will automatically change the lower level player’s character name, the higher level player’s character name will remain the same.
 If two players’ level is same, the lower VIP status player’s character name will be reset, other remains the same.
 If two players’ level and VIP status are same, the lower bp player will be reset, other remains the same.
 After name reset, player is given a chance to change the reset name. Please click Change Name button, then player will be given one free chance to change name. Change name does not spend your name card. After name changing, the button will disappear automatically.