Armor System

Dear all, do you want to get your own Armor? Have a look about this note now!^^

Which one do you like the most?^^ 

Note: Armor only released when character reached level 60!


☛How to Activate?

1. Let us have a look of Rank 1 Armor! You have to getto active your armor to start your journey to do advance on it!


2. After that you will get this interface. You have to getto active your armor after you have advance it until 4000BP^^ Note: once your armor reached 4000 BP, you can only wear it^^

For , you can trade in Attic Defense trade mall as well. Lets have a look of Attic Defense! 


3. Simply click [create] & [invite] to build a team of Attic Defense. 


4. Now we have entered! Let's protect your towers~!

Let's read about Attic Defense (◡ᴗ◡✿)

(A) Attic Defense is a multiple player dungeon which have to invite other player to join. Players have to defense their Attic Towers, make sure they are safe from attacking from monsters. Once the Attic Towers get destroyed by monster, you have failed to pass your stage. 

(B) Attic Defense have 3 different difficult of stages. For different level and also different of rewards.

(C) There will be waves of monsters trying to attack Attic Towers, players have to kill those monsters as soon as possible. The more waves, the more monster came.

(D) Players can get points and also random rewards drop from Attic Defense dungeon. 

(E) During Attic Defense, there will randomly have a point piggy coming out, kill it can get some extra points. Moreover, there will also randomly have a power crystal, click can increase your damage to monsters, and also HP crystal, click can revive your HP.

(F) Died in Attic Defense can be re-spawn and continue to fight.

(G) Attic Defense Trade mall reset everyday 3:00am (UTC+8). You can check our game server time.


5. Once you have cleared your Attic Defense, you will get points! You can change those shards, or even advance armor materials inside here^^

Note: Some of the materials can buy from ingot, click everything to check as well!^^


6. Once you have done getting , you may pay attention on doing advancement which are,, and alsoto get your armor have 4000 BP^^


7. I have done my advancement of my armor to 4000 BP, now I am wearing it^^ so nice! Isn't It? ~( ̄▽ ̄~)(~ ̄▽ ̄)~


☛What is Breakthrough?

There are two advancements in. Which are&.


Let's talk aboutfirst!

1. Holy Armor Advance Gem can be advanced on Armor Soul. The more advancement can release the more bar of attributes.

Note: Check the requirements of release the rest of the armor souls! There are 5 in total! ^^


2. Doing breakthrough on your armor, can realease more bar or attributes.