Character's Description

Tooba Hwu :

He's arrogant and despotic. rumour has it that he's an offspring of a human and a werewolf, bearing the blood of a lycanthrope. Despite having a bad ego, he's loyal at heart.

As a trusty ally, he could even sacrifice himself to save his comrades. Perks aside, he could sometimes be over-impulsive causing him to make mistakes. This keeps most of the people away from him.

Skill: High in HP and DEF

Features: Dash & Stun 

Yee Yi:

Being the royal princess of the kingdom of Nanzhao, she was prophesied to meet a tragic disaster since young. Being so, she was sent on a journey to the mountains for the training of divines.

Even though she looks proud and arrogant, she's actually kind hearted. She had once got herself hurt and tattooed with wounds just to save the precious people of her kingdom. She still has a heart towards her kingdom even with the divine power of hers. The title of an iron maiden suits her the most.

Skill: high critical hit rate

Features: Flash & Slow

Zi Tum:

Born with a pair of demonic violet eyes, she was never liked by anyone. Despite being rejected since young, she kept her head high. Instead of sinking in a sea of sorrows, she grows even more positive and ever stronger each day. Having a cute appearance, she craves for acceptance from her comrades. There might be a slight chance that its caused by that desire, but we certainly know that, her violet eyes gleams so brightly.

Skill: High in DPS

Features: Cut & Blind